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  • SECO Electric ceramics o-type ball valve


Electronic Electric Three way Interflew Control Valve

Electronic Electric Three way Interflew Control Valve

Electronic Electric Three way Interflew Control Valve


ZDLQ, ZDLX  Electronic Electric Three way Interflew Control Valve, the shunt regulator using cylinder valve core .

With 3601L series electronic straight travel electric actuators, accept 0 ~ 10 or 420mA, DC signal drive valve. Which three rivers regulator for two fluid mixed into the third fluid, or different temperature, the same fluid mixed into together.

Product Description
Datian valve provides the control valve, such as pneumatic diaphragm single seat control valve, double seat control valve, sleeve type control valve, angle style control valve, three way control valve, butterfly style control valve, V-model control valve, O-model control valve, three shut-off valve, direct role of Self-pressure, temperature control valve, etc. They are more than 100 species, and more than 500 specifications. Welcome to Datian Valve.

Detailed Product Description:

1) Electrical regulating valve consists of two parts, straight stroke electrical actuator and regulating mechanism. You could find three structural types of valve from fig. 1, 2
2) For structure and principle of electrical actuator, please refer to related instructions of the product...
3) The apparatus is equipped with electrical operator and could realize two directions no disturbance switch of manual and automatic. It also could be used as remote controller. With indicating lamps of manual, automatic and ammeter, it could indicate valve level.
4) There are two action methods for one seat valve, electric open and electric close. When input signal increase, valve turns from closing position to opening position gradually, it is electric open type. When input signal increase, valve turn from open position to closing position gradually, it is electric close type. Provide according to electric open type ex. Works.
5) For three way valve, because open and close in valve exist at the same time, so it has no difference of electric open and electric close.
6) Working principle: Electrical regulating valve receive inputting current signal from regulating apparatus, action through electrical actuator, occur axial pushing force. Change flow area between valve core and valve seat ( or valve plug ) through connecting bar till feedback signal current of at position of electrical actuator equal to input signal current to reach the purpose of adjust technological parameters or change flowing direction of medium automatically.

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