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SEFO Electric o-type fluorine-butterfly ball valve

SEFO Electric o-type fluorine-butterfly ball valve

SEFO Electric o-type fluorine-butterfly ball valve


    SEFO Electric o-type fluorine-butterfly ball valve ,component by 3601R series angle travel electronic electric actuators and valve body.Cavities of body and cores adopts high ball lined with plastic injection molding corrosion resistance, ageing fep (F46), corrosion resistance and reliable sealing.
This series of pneumatic type O fluorine-butterfly ball valve is mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, water treatment, process of producing, etc ,regulation or cut off for soda acid strong corrosive medium.

Type :Two fraction direct casting fluorine ball valve, concrete structures please see figure 1
Nominal Size:DN15、20、25、32、40、50、65、80、100、125、150、200、250、300
Nominal Pressure:GB PN1.0、1.6Mpa
          ANSI CLASS150
End Connection:Flange
 GB PN1.0、1.6Mpa according to HG20596-97M;
 ANSI CLASS150 according to ANSI B16.5 RF and HG/T20615-97
Flange distance: PN1.6MPa according to GB/T12221-1989,EN558.1:1995,ISO5752-1982 basic series 12    CLASS150 RF according to ASME B 16.10 CLASS150 STEEL FLANGEDbasic series 18,EN558.2:1995 and ISO5752-1982 basic series 3(DN15-100) and basic series 12(DN125-300)
Body Material:Please refer to table1
Bonnet Type:same with body
Packing: PTFE V-type
Packing Gland :Bolts pressure type
Oil paint: Carbon steel shell surface required to paint, shell made of stainless steel and copper no painting .

Core type:Direct cylindrical port body,same with stem
Flow characteristics: Quick opening
Core material:2Cr13+F46、0Cr18Ni9+F46、0Cr17Ni12Mo2+F46
Seat material:PTFE
Ball Plug rotor angle: 90°

Type: 3601R series angle travel electronic electric actuators,
         Concrete structures please see figure 3
Power: Single phaseAC220V±10% 50HZ,Three phase AC380V±10% 50HZ(If need three phase power, please mark out.)
Power consumption: A type 50VA,B type 150VA,C type220VA
Control signal:DC4~20mA,DC1~5V(Long distance avoid DC1~5V)
Output  signal:DC4~20mA,DC1~5V(Load resistance below 500Ω)
Function forms:Changes Positive and negative effects by switch
MAX rotor angle:90°
Adjust scope:0±25%,rotor angle 20%~100%
Environmental temperature: Ordinary without space heaters -10℃~+60℃,Space heaters -35℃~+60℃,Flameproo -10℃~+60℃
Relative humidity: Ordinary under 95,Flameproof 45% ~ 85%
Protection level: IP65
Class of explosive-proof: Exd II BT4
Overload protection: A type and B type will be optional,C type should be matched

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