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SWM handwheel-worm gear component

SWM handwheel-worm gear component

SWM handwheel-worm gear component


SWM worm gear handwheel component can be used lonely individual; meanwhile it can be used with cylinder piston angle travel actuator. Used to installed under the actuator, for 090° butterfly valve, O-type ball valve, V-type ball valve, cam flexible angle travel control valve and cut off valve.

SWM handwheel-worm gear component can be change the operator from pneumatic actuator to handwheel operated. When the actuator stop work, such as no air supply, no single or other run wed, the operator can be change into handwheel via stop pin, to avoid the lost of stop work. Moreoverthis handwheel can be used for the open position limiter.
Main feature:

1. Small volume, light weight, reasonable design, new pattern.
2. Product seriation,can drive several kinds of angle travel control valve.
3. Can be installed limit screw on the position ±5°(OPEN) and (CLOSE). (After installed, the screw should be relaxed).

4. Inner bore of the worm gear connection, there have two key slot, in order to adjustment the relation position by the customer.
5. Can be change actuator operator into hand operator freely.
6. When ex-work, the products was send out
equipped with special grease, whole sealed, dustproof, and waterproof.

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