Valve Design Pressure

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There are two term that usually make us confuse, design pressure and operating pressure. Design pressure means a maximum pressure that still could hold out by equipment. Operating pressure means a pressure in the fluid before it enters the valve. After certain calculation by process engineer they will also determine the outlet pressure of a fluid after it enters the valve. This inlet – outlet pressure is called operating pressure.  The same meaning also applied to design temperature.

Valve design pressure/temperature is determined by process engineer. But, we still must review the appropriate of that design in accordance with the valve material beside with the piping class data sheet. Some times there are design pressure/temperature that not appropriate to use with certain valve body.

For example, the valve body material as per piping class data sheet is Carbon Steel A216 WCB, but the design temperature is -50/230 F. It’s not appropriate since the -50F shouldn’t use A216 WCB but use A216 LCC. In the end an instrument engineer must sure about all of this issue to design a correct valve


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