Typical Maintenance Procedure of Turbine Flow Meter

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In normal operation, the turbine flow meter (and other flow meter such as coriolis flow meter etc) doesn’t require a field calibration. The calibration activity usually performed at the vendor workshop or any other third party flow calibration laboratory. Thus the periodic maintenance of the turbine flow meter is only a cleaning activity to ensure that the rotor operation is good and free from any crust.

  1. Disassembly the pickup coil and the pre-amplifier as per Vendor manual.
  2. Check for any improper wiring (rust, not tighten, etc).
  3. Disassembly the turbine meter internal part, including its rotor, shaft, and bearings.
  4. Clean the internal part of the turbine meter as necessary to remove any dirt.
  5. Assembly the internal part of the turbine meter.
  6. Assembly the pickup coil and the pre-amplifier.


Note: This typical maintenance procedure is just an illustration of how to regularly service a turbine flow meter for academic purpose only. This typical procedure shall not use as a day to day operation guidance. The vendor specific maintenance manual shall be used in detail.

Typical tools required:

  1. Screwdriver.
  2. Rotor extraction tools (or any other special tools for maintenance provided by the Vendor).
  3. Cleaning agent (to clean the turbine meter internal parts).


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