Pressure Regulator Valves Recommended Installation

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In normal condition install the pressure regulator valve with pressure gauge upstream and downstream of the valve. In condition where a pressure drop is too high, use two pressure regulator valve installed in series. Each of them will reduce the pressure so that the noise generated by each valve is within an acceptable range (since high pressure drop usually comes up with high noise due to cavitation etc).

In condition where a flow demand is very width varied so that the droop of the pressure regulator valve at high flow rate isn’t acceptable (due to operating pressure requirement of the downstream application) install two pressure regulator valve in parallel (used two valves). This configuration is also recommended for the applications that require no shutdown is desired, for example the application of instrument air distribution. Each valve is set differently each other by 5 to 10 % so that the second valve will only open if the demand is very high. For example, one valve is set at 100 psig, while the second valve is set at 90 psig. When the demand is low, the pressure drop of the valve downstream will be above 90 psig. But when the demand is increasing and make the overall system pressure drop below 90 psig, then the second valve will open to help the first valve to fulfill the demand.

Complete the installation with by pass if the process require.


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