Introduction to Deluge Valves

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Deluge valve is an automatic water control valves which is used as a water supply regulator to the open sprinkler or open nozzle. Actually the function of the deluge valve more or less is the same with the generic on-off valve (for on-off type deluge valve which is very common) whether butterfly valve or ball valve.

In general, there are two types of the deluge valves, one is clapper type and the other one is diaphragm type. A clapper type deluge valve is a valve that uses a ‘disk’ to close the line. The ‘disk’ is held by a latch which is operated by a diaphragm or piston. In general application this valve requires a manual reset in the field to revert back to its set position. A diaphragm type deluge valve is a valve that uses a diaphragm to close the line. The diaphragm is held in close position by utilize a water supply pressure. In general application, this valve can have remotely or manually reset feature depends on the application requirements.

Clapper Type Deluge Valves

Diaphragm Type Deluge Valves

After a brief description regarding a deluge valve above, the question that come up is why it uses that kind of valve (clapper type or diaphragm type) rather than using a generic on-off valve if the function is the same?. It’s very difficult to find the answer! But as preliminary answer there are requirements in the deluge valve approval standard that require the deluge valve operation must be simple and actuated by its hydraulic fluid (fire water). Therefore using an actuated ball valve or butterfly valve isn’t preferred and might be not approved due to it is not simple operated and it is operated by a pneumatic instrument air.

Deluge valves as a part of the deluge system can be initiated by (in the offshore platform application) “confirm fire” from fire and gas system, “confirm fire” from fusible plug charging system, and manually initiated by the operator. The above initiator can be combined or to be used separately such as “confirm fire” from fusible plug only, or “confirm fire” from fire and gas system only. See below file that illustrates the deluge system in the offshore application.

Deluge Valves as Part of Deluge System

In above illustration of deluge system, there are fusible plugs installed around a vessel that contain a hydrocarbon fluid. This fusible plug will melt and release the charged instrument air pressure if it is exposed to the fire. The charged instrument air pressure will drop causing a pilot operated three way valves close and exhaust the instrument air supply to the deluge valve system. The three ways pilot operated valve that supply the water to the deluge valve will close and exhaust the water supply to the deluge valve, causing the deluge valve open. The initiation of deluge valve by means of manual operated or solenoid operated three ways valve has the same operating principle with the above mechanism. If we use the stand alone flame detector with fire and gas system (without fusible plug), then we can use the solenoid operated three way valve directly as a water supply regulator to the deluge valve replacing the pilot operated three way valves.

As a summary, there are two types of deluge valves, clapper type and diaphragm type which are different with a generic on-off valve. The deluge valve will opens if the water pressure supply is loss. This loss can be caused by fusible plug charging panel, fire and gas signal, or manually operated by the operator.


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