Chinese court finds in favor of Bernard Controls

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After two years of procedure at Tianjin Court, Bernard Controls’ Chinese subsidiary, Bernard Controls China, has won a judgment against the Chinese counterfeiter “Tianjin Bernard”.
During the second trail, under the Court’s mediation, on June 28, 2011, all parties came to an agreement as follows: From the date of this agreement, Tianjin Bernard shall stop using company name and domain which include “伯纳德”, “BERNARD”, and shall stop using the trademarks which are same or similar with Bernard Controls SA. In one month from this agreement, Tianjin Bernard shall initiate the withdrawal or cancellation applications for company name, domain and trademarks referred in above, and shall finish all procedures before Dec. 31st, 2011.”
Additionally, the Chinese counterfeiter has been obliged to pay a fine. Thus, the action between both parties is now closed.
This victory is a key element in Bernard Controls’ fight against copyright infringement in China, although several Chinese companies are still illegally copying product technology and using the Bernard Controls’ brand. The current agreement proposed by Tianjin Court is a key step in the fight against copyright infringement in China.


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