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Angle Travel Electric Actuator

Angle Travel Electric Actuator

Angle Travel Electric Actuator


Electric Actuators in automatic adjustment systems, change valve displacement, according to the change of regulating instrument signal. DKJ Angle Travel Electric Actuator is supporting used with transmitter, regulators instrument.It is powered by power, accept 420mADC or OmADC 01, converts into corresponding Angle displacement of the input signal , Automatic control damper baffles, butterfly valves, ball valves etc, to completing automatic adjustment task, or Or with electric device to realizing remote manual control.This instrument can be widely used in power plant, steel, chemical industry, light industry, etc.industrial departments in the regulation system.This instrument is continuous adjustment, remote manual control and hand operation three control methods.This instrument applies to no corrosive gas, environmental temperature - 25 ° ~ + 70 ° c,  relative humidity less than 95%.

Main material

Input signal:0~10mADC 4~20mADC

Input resistance: 200Ω(Ⅱ Type)250Ω(Ⅲ Type)

Input channel: three Mutual electrical isolation

Basic error: ±2.5%

Back: ±1 5%

Dead zone: ≤3%

Power voltage:220V.AC、50Hz

Output shaft Angle range:0~70。、0~90。

Environmental conditions:

 a、Environmental temperature: servo amplifier - 25 to 50 ° c, actuators - 25 ° ~ + 70°c






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